You Are Not A Mistake

As a pastor I encounter people everyday, many who have a very limited understanding about why they were born. It’s no wonder why some of us are confused. Most of us know someone who was told at an early age that they were a mistake, or they were not wanted, or they messed up plans for the future. By the time of children were born, one or both of their parents had already abandoned them. Others were born lacking the supposed necessary attributes to become successful – their legs are too short, their head is too large, their eyes are too small, or they have some other shortcoming.

With these in mind, I want to encourage those who are taking the time to read this article. God created each of us and knew each day of our lives, even to the very second before we were conceived. Yes, even those conceived in horrendous circumstances were first conceived in the mind of God. Not one person arrived on the scene of this planet a mistake or surprise to Him. God doesn’t make mistakes! In fact, our mere existence gives great pleasure and joy to God, your Creator,

Beyond our creature existence, we innately strive to find specific purpose fo our being. In case you weren’t yet aware, we all have a purpose. Our Creator is not only pleased by our existence, He created each of us for a specific purpose. God does not create anything without first having a purpose! It may be hard for us to comprehend His purposes for all of the creatures He has made, however that does not mean that there isn’t one. Human beings come to the forefront of all created beings because we are the only ones that God valued and loved enough to redeem from death by offering the life of His Son, Jesus Christ. You are not a mistake and you were created with a specific purpose in mind that only you can fulfill. The only way to find our true and unique purpose is to ask the One who conceived it before we each were born. If you question your existence, if you question that whether you have a purpose, there is only One who can answer you. Ask your Creator! He will assure you of your purpose and His amazing love for you.