First Assembly of God Activities

Hammonton First Assembly of God is coming up with creative ways to reach out into the community. Already the congregation has participated in a month-long prayer walk through the streets of each neighborhood lifting up families and businesses in prayer.

Revival services with evangelist Robert Fisher of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, are scheduled for June 20th - 24th. Everyone is invited to come and experience the touch of God as the Word I reached in a dynamic way each service. There will also be prayer for the sick in each service.

In July, a Kids Crusade beginning on the 25th and lasting all week will be held at the Church. Children's evangelist Judy Mensch from Barrington, Rhode Island, will be conducting the Crusade. There will be Bible stories, games, contests, puppets, and prized each night. All children ages 5 - 12 are invited to attend.

Then in the late summer, early fall, a community picnic is being planned that will be open to the public free of charge. It will be a full day of fun, food, and fellowship. A Christian professional athlete has been contacted to be the guest speaker.

Other plans are being made to offer a Christian-based karate program taught by fully trained and qualified instructors each week. Also we want to offer an after-school program to assist with school homework, literacy development, and drug awareness.

If you can think of any other creative and meaningful ways in which our church can be a blessing to the community please let us know. We are definitely a church with YOU in mind.