The Will of God

To know the will of God is one of the greatest desires of men and women who diligently seek Him. We pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” We want to accomplish the things that we have been purposefully created to do. But understanding what God’s will is can sometimes be challenging. How do we determine if something is the will of God? In this brief article I will discuss three of the evidences that are indicative of God’s will. God speaks to us through these evidences regarding what we should do or not do in this life.

First, God speaks through who He is, that is His character. His character helps us to understand whether something should be considered to be His will or not. God is love. Therefore, His will must result in love. God is truth. Therefore if some deed is to be considered His will, it must be anchored in truth, not lies. God is life, therefore if the action being considered results in murder or spiritual death it cannot be the will of God.

Another evidence of the will of God is that it agrees with what God does. From the beginning of time God has been active; in creating our beautiful world, in forming the animals and human kind for His pleasure, in daily keeping His promises, and most incredibly by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, as an exact representation of Himself. God’s actions speak just as loud as His words because they are never contrary to one another. He will not ask us to do things that He would not do Himself.