Looking for Peace? Seek the Lord.

“Why can’t we all just live in peace?” One hears that question quite often nowadays. Criminal acts meant to terrorize, disrupt and even destroy life are the first answer that comes to mind as the main reason for lack of peace. Lies, manipulation, corruption, abuse of office and therefore of power also come to mind. Is there political willingness at the national level and in the world leadership to seek the common (read: global) good, to fight hunger and poverty, to protect the ecosystem, to provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure health, education, legal protection, in short, for human development? Sadly, we witness a lot of corporate businesses lobbying for their interests to be served. Global long range cooperation for the well being of all people requires human maturity and courageous political and economic planning. Assuming the welfare of the human family as our collective vision will serve even local interests of development, peace and protection. It pays to be an integrated member of the global village where everybody’s interests are taken into consideration.

We have arrived at the last stretch of this hot and humid summer. Many families with school age children have put away their beach gear and are preparing to start a new school year. Every Sunday all throughout the summer God’s Word has been faithfully proclaimed and the sacrament of Holy Communion celebrated even in the absence of those traveling or enjoying a day at the beach. In fact, every Sunday the Church gathers to hear the Promises of God to the simple hearted, the poor and those hungry for justice. God’s blessings get showered upon those who hurt and cry for they see how the world easily embraces strategies of corruption, lies and deception to get ahead. We hear blessings on those who in everyday life and interactions as well as politics and in the global market seek integrity and justice, partnership and cooperation. Blessings are available to those who seek after and implement truth with mercy, honesty and uprightness of heart.

If you look for peace, lasting peace, see what the Lord has to say. And do it.