Hunger Awareness Dinner

A sacred place… that was what my families kitchen table served. A sacred place where my family gathered around the dinner table to eat whatever miracle my mother could perform with hamburger. This was the time and opportunity as a busy family to check in with each other. We would talk about our days, laugh about silly things that had happened, argue about the latest political issue, and most of all, be a family. I don’t think I learned as much at school as I did at the dinner table. It was a time, each day when we were united as a family, even during times we might not have liked each other much. It was a sacred hour. Unfortunately with busy work, school, extra curricular and even church activities, the common meal family is not a common event.

Some of Jesus’ greatest teachings occurred around a dinner table. Although tables were shaped differently, they served the same purpose. They were gathering place for people to eat, to share and to commune with one another. It was around the table that Jesus Christ gathered his disciples, washed their feet, and prepared those dearest to him for his death. The Christian church continues to serves as the place where we gather to celebrate our unity through sharing the Lord’s Supper.

But the table is significant not just for meals in our society. It is the common place where we gather to work, to talk and even to play. Consider all the events that happen around a table. It serves as a place of nourishment and comfort and also a place of work and challenge. Think of the significant events that have around the table that meetings are held that include negotiations, settlements, and compromises that have been achieved around tables.

On March 11th, from 4:00 to 7:00 PM, the Presbyterian Church at Hammonton would like to invite our community to gather around the table with us for our Hunger Awareness Dinner. A common problem in our country is not starvation but many families experience food insecurity. They do not know where their next meal will come from. The Deacons of the Presbyterian Church are preparing a meal and seeking to set the stage for our community to come together, enjoy each others company and gain a greater understanding of the work that is being done to combat hunger in our community and world. Our pray is that around the table, while enjoying good food and company, we can confront the issue of hunger and food insecurity in our community and world. Won’t you join us?