Fear is the biggest tyrant we ever face. Fear keeps us from loving ourselves and loving others. Living lives of quiet desperation, we are terrified that we won’t measure up. We cannot admit to any weakness or let anyone know about our needs. We must be self-sufficient and have it all together. Being perfect, however, means we will not grow. So fear stunts our growth.

We are afraid of losing our money, prestige and security. We don’t want to be vulnerable. The world is a harsh place. We must stay on top. Therefore, we close our eyes to the needs of others and keep a safe distance from those who might drain our resources. So fear quenches our compassion.

We fear change. We love the status quo and the familiar. We work hard to make our world comfortable and predictable. As a result, we are paranoid of those who are different. We exclude and judge, we ignore and abuse. So fear kills our love.

But God says, “Fear not! I have overcome. You are loved. You are special. You are Mine.” The tyrant wants to crush our humanity. God breathes life and we become a living soul.

Jean Vanier said it best, “To be human is to accept ourselves just as we are, with our own history, and to accept others as they are. To be human means to accept history as it is and to work, without fear, towards greater openness, greater understanding, and a greater love of others. To be human is not to be crushed by reality, or to be angry about it or to try to hammer it into what we think it is or should be, but to commit ourselves as individuals, and as a species, to an evolution that will be for the good of all.”

Know God’s love and become truly human.