Turbulent Waters

It was a beautiful day, early in the morning. I had the day off and my friends and I decided to spend the entire day deep sea fishing. We paid a considerable sum of money to "enjoy" turbulent waters loaded with smelly, slimy and elusive creatures.

Leaving the calm, still waters of the bay I enjoyed the view lazily passing by. The Jersey shore really has a beauty all its own and I'm glad I live in this part of the country. As we emerged from the inlet the captain kicked the boat into high gear and we roared out to the deep. This was fun. I love roller coasters and the speed of our boat was like being on one. What I don't like are amusement park rides that spin round and round repeatedly. Soon we dropped anchor and began to fish from the top of a spinning round and round amusement park ride call a boat. It only took a few seconds watching the horizon go every way but right to incapacitate me.

The deep heaving sea sickness was worse than the flu. My body took over all cognitive functions. It was thinking for me, commanding my stomach, mouth, lungs, arms and legs to perform the most violent and grotesque dance known to man. I was a ridiculous spectacle spewing forth every meal I had for the last week over the side of the boat. All the while my friends, completely free of my affliction, were have an outrageously fun time catching fish after fish.

Then I noticed on the deck of the boat, sprawled out along the side with his head securely fitted in a port hole so as to allow his departing meals a clear path to the ocean, was Sam, just as incapacitated as I was. Now you'd think that someone who has suffered the same fate as another would feel pity and compassion on them, but not me, I felt comfort; comfort that I wasn't the only one jerking and convulsing like a whirling dervish. I wasn't alone. Someone shared my experience. Someone understood my problem.

Jesus has shared our experience. He is able to understand and sympathize with our struggles. We can turn to Him in our need and know He will have compassion. Life is difficult. We sail through turbulent waters, but we do not sail alone.