Time is defined as the system of sequential relations that any event has to any other as past, present or future. It’s also been defined as a continuous duration regarded as that within which events succeed one another. For us, in our normal lives, it’s those segments of life which can be measured on a clock for that’s how we really view time. We may call it history or the present or the future, but simply it’s a measurement in the existence of the universe. It is a measurement we live by, depend and take for granted. 

Down through the centuries various means have been used to determine time. It may have been by a sun dial, a sextant, a sand or water or spring mechanism or an atomic clock. All those inventions were dependent on one thing - the perfect symmetry of nature. It doesn’t take much to realize that there must be an intelligence behind the existence of nature. It’s too perfect to be otherwise. It is not haphazard. In fact, it proves the existence of a superior being who created what there is. It proves the existence of God. 

Today we hear of a rift between science and the Bible on creation. Did creation of the universe take place over a number of days a few thousands years ago (Bible) or did it take place in a series of steps over a period of billions of years?(science). The real argument isn’t about how long creation took. The real argument is about the existence of a supreme being who created things so perfectly. Is there one or isn’t there? Science which many use to deny God really proves that there is God. Surprisingly, the latest part of the scientific argument begins with a Belgian priest, Monsignor Georges H Lemaitre who propounded a theory which his detractor, astronomer Fred Hoyle, derisively called “the big bang theory.” Lemaitre spoke of the “primeval atom” from which the entire universe evolved. Modern science accepts his theory and is trying to prove it. Through the use of the Hubble telescope and other instruments it is attempting to go back in time to the primeval atom. And if it can? Monsignor Lemaitre was quick to use an old Latin expression, “ex nihilo, nihil fit - from nothing, nothing comes” and asked, “If this theory is correct, where did this primeval atom come from? His answer, “It couldn’t come from itself if it didn’t exist, so it had to come from something that already existed and that something is the intelligent God.” The present rift between science and the Bible should not exist because both the Bible and science agree to a common answer to creation. The answer is, indeed, God. 

The Hammonton Ministerium wishes you a happy summer TIME.